Paragon Mod Menu – One Of The Best Mod Menu For Grand Theft Auto V : GTA V

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One of the best Mod menus for GTA 5 out there is the Paragon Mod menu. Is it safe and reliable, and why do people need mod menus? Let’s talk about it.

GTA V And Modding Community

GTA 5 is one of the most, if not the most, successful game of all time, thanks to its legacy and online counterpart- GTA 5 online.

Paragon Mod Menu - One Of The Best Mod Menu For Grand Theft Auto V : GTA V

What makes it better is that it’s a playground for the modding community. In fact, GTA 5 has the best mods in comparison to any other game.

Mod menu is and beneficial way to customize your gameplay with a huge range of options and, as a result, enhance your overall experience of GTA 5. Rockstar Games try to shut down these cheat menus, but the modders out there still find a way to hide, and Paragon Mod Menu is one of them.

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Paragon Mod Menu| Safest and full of features

Paragon Mod Menu - One Of The Best Mod Menu For Grand Theft Auto V : GTA V

“Paragon comes with a clean and unique User Interface that is fully customizable. Also, the ability to upload Menu Themes. “

Developed by ParagonCheats, this menu is one of the reliable and safest mod menus out there, having tons of features including Script hook V, stat recovery, etc.

Though it is paid, it comes with premium features and provides the best safety that makes it worth it for the people who want a mod menu.

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Script Hook V

This mod is a plugin library that helps your GTA V mods work and interact with each other properly. It is a tool that allows players to use GTA V script native functions.

Alexander Blade developed it, and one of its downsides is that it doesn’t work in GTA Online.

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Stat Recovery

Though it is called stat “recovery,” It’s more like a way for you to boost your money, level, or anything that comes with the mod menu.

Other features include: blacklist user, gifting Vehicles, many world options, ASI Loader, full mouse support, and many more features.

Paragon Mod Menu - One Of The Best Mod Menu For Grand Theft Auto V : GTA V

 On, which is a well-known website to provide mods for GTA 5, concluded:
“Paragon’s protections is what many people know them by. They have some of the best protection on the market. Customer feedback and satisfaction are important to Them. We have a section dedicated to receiving and processing feedback on our dashboard. “
Being a paid menu, It comes in two variants: Premium and platinum.
Premium costs $25, and platinum costs $36. As the name suggests, platinum comes with more features, different commands, etc.

Hop onto their official site for more info!

The Full installation guide for installing this mod is:

Last Words

Are you planning to buy this mod, or interested in some other mod? Tell us down in the comments!

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