Destroy Shrubs Fortnite – Where to Destroy shrubs and Get 75000 XP! : Fortnite

    Fortnite 2 is famous for it’s exciting challenges and collaborations. Challenges in Fortnite are divided according to the weapons and rarity. They are rare, epic and legendary. Destroying shurbs is the rare challenges available in Fortnite 2 season 5. It was full of bugs from the start of game but later it is cleared after the Fortnite 15.20 update. Let’s see How to Destroy Shrubs Fortnite ? and all about it.

    What is Shrubs in Fortnite ?

    Destroy Shrubs Fortnite - Where to Destroy shrubs and Get 75000 XP! : Fortnite

    Shurbs in Fortnite means the bushes in real life. It is primarily green plant which is appeared to be half height of the player’s character or shorter than them. Shrubs include hostas, spherical bushes with pink flowers, ferns or cactus plants. Players have to destroy the Shrubs to finish the rare challenges in Fortnite.

    Destroy Shrubs Fortnite Location

    Destroy Shrubs Fortnite - Where to Destroy shrubs and Get 75000 XP! : Fortnite

    Bushes are scattered across the map in Fortnite yet there are few places where there are enormous bushes, so players can easily harvest it. Let’s see some of the locations where players can find Shrubs. They are Pleasant park, pond south of sweaty sands and Holly Hedges. Shrubs are often seen around houses and building on the sides of the road and in medians. You can freely harvest Shrubs without any disturbance from the other players in these locations because they are less landing sites of Fortnite.

    How to finish the Quest ?

    Destroy Shrubs Fortnite - Where to Destroy shrubs and Get 75000 XP! : Fortnite

    Players must destroy the Shrubs with the pickaxe like they usually do in the the game. Using pickaxe while harvesting is little dangerous because when you are using pickaxe, it’s hard to change it to a fire weapons if you supposed to meet enemies. So this is why you should harvest Shrubs in less landing sites in Fortnite.


    Players will get wood materials for chopping the bushes. There are five tiers in these rare challenge. In each tier, you have to destroy different amounts of Shrubs. They are

    • 1st tier – destroy 10 Shrubs
    • 2nd tier – destroy 50 Shrubs
    • 3rd tier – destroy 100 Shrubs
    • 4th tier – destroy 250 Shrubs
    • 5th tier – destroy 500 Shrubs

    After finishing each tier, players will get up to 15,000 experience points (XP). After completing all the five tiers, they will get up to 75,000 experience points (XP). This will help the players to buy the battle pass to reach season 6 in Fortnite 2.

    Play in team rumble mode to avoid larger crowd and complete the challenge without any interruption. This is all you have to know about Destroying Shrubs challenge in Fornite 2 season 5.

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