Pokemon go Higher they fly Quest – How to complete higher they fly quest ? : Pokemon Go

    In Pokemon Go, the Team Go Rocket is back with new special research quest in which you have a chance to challenge Giovanni. If you like the Team Go Rocket challenges in Pokemon Go then you will definitely like this challenge. Let’s see how to finish Pokemon go Higher they fly Quest.

    Pokemon Go is the 2016 augmented reality mobile game. It was published by Nintendo and Pokemon company for IOS and Android devices. It is a part of Pokemon franchise in collaboration between Niantic Nintendo switch and Pokemon company. It is free to play and uses mobile devices with GPS to locate, capture, train and battle virtual creatures called Pokemon.

    What is Team Go Rocket ?

    Pokemon go Higher they fly Quest - How to complete higher they fly quest ? : Pokemon Go

    Before looking into the special research of Team Go, let’s see what actually this Team Go Rocket means. Team Go Rocket is the organisation led by Giovanni, who is the common Pokemon antagonist. This team seeks to steal valuable Pokemon and force them work for Giovanni. Once a month, players complete a special research to rescue a legendary shadow Pokemon.

    Pokemon go Higher they fly Quest

    Pokemon go Higher they fly Quest - How to complete higher they fly quest ? : Pokemon Go

    The Higher they fly is the quest of the Team Go Rocket happening in Pokemon Go game. It starts from February 28, 2021. The release date changes according to your region time zone. In this quest, you have to beat Giovanni with the six steps of three task each. You have to rescue three Legendary Shadow Pokemon Arituina, Zopdos and Moltres Pokemon. You will get a rocket radar as a reward so that you can track down and beat the head of Team Go Rocket.

    How to complete ?

    The higher they fly is the quest in which players have to beat Giovanni and collect three Legendary Shadow Pokemon. The players have to finish this quest with six step of three tasks each.

    Step 1

    • Win a Raid – 15 Poké Balls
    • Defeat 3 Team Rocket grunts – 3 Super Potions
    • Catch 1 shadow Pokémon – 3 Revives

    Rewards: 10 Pinap berries, 10 Nanab berries, and 10 Razz berries.

    Step 2

    • Catch 5 shadow Pokémon – Sun stone
    • Make 3 nice curve ball throws – 15 Great balls
    • Catch 10 flying-type Pokémon – Doduo encounter

    Rewards: 1,500 XP, 500 stardust, 10 Mega Pidgeot energy.

    Step 3

    • Purify 5 shadow Pokémon – 30 Mega Pidgeot energy
    • Defeat 5 Team Rocket grunts – 30 Mega Pidgeot energy
    • Earn 3 candies walking with your buddy – 30 Mega Pidgeot energy

    Rewards: 2,000 XP, 1 Rocket Radar, a Pidgeot encounter.

    Step 4

    • Defeat Team Rocket leader Arlo – 1,250 XP
    • Defeat Team Rocket leader Cliff – 1,250 XP
    • Defeat Team Rocket leader Sierra – 1,250 XP

    Rewards: 2,500 XP, 1,000 Stardust, and a Super Rocket Radar.

    Step 5

    • Find Team Rocket Boss – 5 Max Potions
    • Battle Team Rocket Boss – 20 Ultra Balls
    • Beat Team Rocket Boss – 5 Max Revives

    Rewards: 3,000 XP, a Fast TM, and a Charge TM

    Step 6

    • Claim Reward – 2,000 XP
    • Claim Reward – 2,000 XP
    • Claim Reward – 2,000 XP

    Rewards: 2 Silver Pinap berries, 2 Golden Razz berries, and a Premium Raid Pass.

    Start your Team Go Rocket quest the higher they fly, use this guide to complete it.

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