Retold Tale Destiny 2 | How to get Retold Tale Shotgun ? : Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 offers lots of exciting weapons and exotic to the players in the course of the game. Players aspires to get the fascinating weapons in the game. Let’s see about Retold Tale Destiny 2, a shotgun in Destiny 2.

    Destiny 2 is the shooter game developed by Bungie. It is a free online only first person shooter video game. It is available on Play Station 4, Xbox one and Microsoft windows. Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus Environment (PVE) are the two game modes of Destiny 2. Beyond light is the 2020 expansion of Destiny 2. Players take out strikes, dungeons and raids in the game.

    Retold Tale Destiny 2

    Retold Tale Destiny 2 | How to get Retold Tale Shotgun ? : Destiny 2

    Retole tale is the legendary shotgun that you can find in the Dream city in Destiny 2. It is ranked top as one of the best Player versus Player (PVP) shotguns in the game. Guns like Retold Tale still dominating the game. It is described in the game as “It’s what gets left out, what gets reemphasized that you have to pay attention to.” – Esila, daughter of Sila.


    Retold Tale is the type named Precision frame. It have the impact of 70. It ranges from 69 and it varies from one roll to another. It’s handling is fourty seven. Retold Tale have the reload speed of about 47. It have 75 aim assist and 64 recoil. The stats can be varied with the rolls you get.


    There are different types of rolls in Retold Tale. You can look for Retold Tale rolls for it’s benefits. It have full choke, acurised rounds, quikdraw, snapshot/slideshots and mod slot.

    How to get Retold Tale Shotgun ?

    Retold Tale Destiny 2 | How to get Retold Tale Shotgun ? : Destiny 2

    Retold Tale can be found in certain areas only. As it is an Dream city exclusive, so you have to find it there. But there are some areas you could find it. Let’s see the list of places where you could obtain it.

    • Blind well bounties
    • Bounties from Petra Venj
    • Ascendant challenge chest
    • Cat statues (small gift)
    • Daily challenges
    • Ada-1 bounty for dream city

    As Retold Tale is the Dream city exclusive weapon, you couldn’t get it in any raids. It will only be dropped from the above mentioned things.

    Retold Tale is one of the best weapons, that the Destiny 2 player aspires to get. Find it in the Dream City and make this shotgun as your own gun.

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