Stardew Valley Golden Walnut locations | All 130 Golden Wallnut locations : Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley 1.5 update is filled with lots of expansions in the game which will interests the players greatly. Let’s see about the newly added Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley. Read the full article about Stardew Valley Golden Walnut locations.

    Stardew Valley Golden Walnut locations

    Stardew Valley Golden Walnut locations | All 130 Golden Wallnut locations : Stardew Valley

    In the Stardew Valley update 1.5, players get about 130 golden walnuts in Ginger Islands to trade for rare rewards. It is used to give to parrots of Ginger Island. Number of golden walnuts players gained is displayed beneath players picture in skills tab. These walnuts can also be shared among players in Multiplayer mode.

    How to get Golden Walnut ?

    You can find total of 130 golden walnuts scattered on island by exploring, killing monsters and breaking crates in Valcona Dungeon. 116 golden walnuts is needed to unlock the whole Qi shop. Once the players get 100 golden walnuts, they get Qi’s gems with which they can trade them for special rewards, recipes, golden eggs, magic baits and galaxy souls.

    Golden Walnut locations

    Stardew Valley Golden Walnut locations | All 130 Golden Wallnut locations : Stardew Valley

    • East of Ginger Island

    Follow the young boy Leo and get a golden walnut. By following him to the jungle you can find one more walnut in the bushes. Give a walnut to the parrot and it will gives hint about remaining walnuts. You can find a walnut in a tree inside Leo’s hut. Place a banana on the altar and for that banana gorilla will offer 3 walnuts. Puzzle in hidden path provide 5 walnuts and also a puzzle near the path to gem stone, you will get a golden walnuts.

    On a rainy day, a bird will drop a gem somewhere in island. Place it on the puzzle according to it’s location where it from the island.

    • West of Ginger Island

    You will get walnuts after completing  Pirate’s wife quest. Gourmand frog wants you to harvest melon, wheat and garlic, which in turn you will get 15 walnuts. Simon puzzle of Tiger Slime grove will give you 3 walnuts. By hitting wack animals, you will get a walnut. Occasionally you will get 5 walnuts by harvesting. You will get 5 walnuts by mining mussel rocks and one walnut in the ship on planet room. 8 walnuts will be lying around west end of island. When you find a X in sand or diamond of sea stars digg there and you will get upto 7 walnuts.

    • North of Ginger Island

    8 walnuts will be found by digging in the centre of patterns like rocks and flowers. In the exit of valcono dungeon, you will get 2 walnuts. You will find a walnut on a tree and 5 walnuts while exploring the land.

    • Valcono dungeon

    At Valcona Dungeon you will get 19 golden walnuts in total. Use watering to make path in dungeons. By defeating enemies, destroying objects, mining the rocks and looting chests, you will earn walnuts.

    • South of Ginger Island

    On a rainy day mermaid will appear on rock, play mermaid song with flute and you will get 5 walnuts. Play correctly by using flute blocks according to the stones. Smaller stone represent 1 block and a large stone represent 5 blocks.

    On a non rainy day go to pirate love after 8 pm, play darts game and gain 3 walnuts. Fish in the ocean and you will get about 5 walnut and fish in starfish shaped tide pile you will get a walnut. In bushes or digging in centre of patterns give you 3 walnuts.

    That’s it, find golden walnuts by using this guide and unlock your Qi shop in Stardew Valley.

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