Valorant Pro Division | A new Section made in Faceit! : Valorant

    It’s Pretty evident by now that Valorant has grown tremendously in the past few months, apart from gaining influential growth it has also bagged alot of professional notices too. With new Professional rosters and Heavily funded Tournament Valorant is currently seeming to be in the peak. Definitely, there are a few bugs in the game which are potentially fixed in every two weeks. With such majority of players, Professional players are seeking to practice at a higher level, this is where Valorant Pro Division comes in!

    Valorant Pro Division

    Valorant Pro Division | A new Section made in Faceit! : Valorant

    Valorant Pro Division often abbreviated as VPD, is the platform in which top valorant players compete to gain honor, glory and for the monthly prize pool of 375 dollars. It is located in Europe and North America and the sponsors of Valorant Pro Division are Xtrfy and Aimlab.

    Valorant Pro Division in Faceit hub

    Faceit is the extremely famous tournament platform used by popular games like Counter Strike, Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Faceit hub is the organiser page on Faceit for Valorant Pro Division. It is the platform which hosts competitive matches. You can follow the group in faceit for updates on tournaments to compete for prizes as a solo player or with friends or as a team. In faceit players tend to play slightly more competitive than those who play in casually.

    Four divisions

    Valorant Pro Division | A new Section made in Faceit! : Valorant

    Any one can play in this platform, Valorant Pro Division has divided this faceit hub into four. They are Open, Challenger, Preinvite and Invite. You can start to play from Open hub and win to gain the upper positions. You have to play and win to collect FACEIT elo. After having the enough FACEIT elo you can level up and transfer to next division. For example if you are playing in Open level, you will level up to Challenger by collecting Faceit elo points. Acquiring Preinvite and Invite divisions are a bit more challenging but you can qualify there as well.

    How it works?

    Valorant Pro Division | A new Section made in Faceit! : Valorant

    You can play in faceit hub easily by sign up and join. Faceit hub is operated on manual mode where Valorant 100+ staffs 24/7 answer the players tickets, issues, helping with results and processing player reports. Once the match is found, captains submit your scores. By playing on faceit you can experience competitive gameplay. Open division is limited to Solo or Duo. Players in the next level are allocated by Captions according to their game play.

    Join in the Faceit hub of Valorant Pro Division and experience the competitive gameplay. You can check the website to know about the upcoming tournaments and events of Valorant.

    For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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