League of Legends Latest Patch Notes – Many Characters Nerfed! : League of Legends

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League of Legends Latest Patch Notes

League of Legends Latest Patch Notes - Many Characters Nerfed! : League of Legends

Patch 11.4 is the latest patch in League of Legends. The notes of the patch update are as follows-

  • Champions like Samira are slashing, dashing and bashing things up which got her both win rates and ban rates. New bot lane changes might shake things up.
  • Katarina and Urgot are revitalizing builds of on-hit, but they got down hard by Kraken Slayer changes. Item changes caused the rest to be in buff train.
  • A pass bringing the jungle’s overall strength to power is available because of the dominating rewards from camps. This marks the key highlight of this patch.
  • Sharing the fruits of victory and defeat with your teammates is also possible now.
  • The word is the next patch will be bringing exciting goodies so there are no new skins in this one.

The official websites are always open for a detailed analysis of all the characters and their related changes. Item changes can also be found on the same destination with more minute and actual details.

League of Legends patch 11.5 release date

League of Legends Latest Patch Notes - Many Characters Nerfed! : League of Legends

League of Legends follows a certain patch schedule for releasing their patches according to the required updates. Patch 11.5 is next in the line and it will be going live on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Though there is no confirmation on the maintenance timings, the estimations are as follows:

  • 03:00 PT- Beginning time for NA servers
  • 05:00 GMT- Beginning time for EUW servers
  • 03:00 CET- Beginning time for EUNE servers

Since. the maintenance break will last for 3 hours, you can adjust your game time accordingly, for that day. When the launch day nears, the developers will confirm the same. So, stay tuned and keep a watch on the latest feeds, regarding the same.

League of Legends patch 11.5 – CHANGES

Until now, the word is, there are no character changes in the 11.5 patch like its predecessor. This may or may not be true. So, a wait of a couple of weeks would bring in the confirmed word. But then, there are item changes coming up in the next patch too and it will add to the previous patch’s changes. It will make the available items extravagant and the game will be even more thrilling.

For more such updates, Stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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