Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go – Everything You Need to Know : Pokemon Go

In this article, we were going to give information on Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go. So, kindly read the article to know about the Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go.

Pokémon go one of the most famous and popular location-based argument reality games created and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo, the Pokemon company. And within a short period, this game got more popular among many players across the world. This game was released on 6th July 2016, available on the platform iOS, Android.

As per information, this game will consist of around 600 species of pokémon by 2020.

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Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go

A special type of pokémon available in the Pokemon Go game. According to information, developers of the game have introduced a new one-hour event a little bit related to valentine’s day on 16th February 2021, called spotlight hour, from 6 P.M to 7 P.M. During this event, there may be a chance for players to catch a Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go.

And luvdisc a water-type pokemon like a fish with a heart-shaped body. During spotlight hours, players of the game are also granted double XP if they catch a Luvdisc in Pokemon Go. While catching luvdisc, players may have a chance to catch shiny luvdisc. The more they catch will give the more chances of finding a shiny luvdisc in-game for players.

Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go - Everything You Need to Know : Pokemon Go

As information, Shiny Luvdisc a different Pokemon with yellow color and shiny, not a pink color like luvdisc. Players of the game will not easily get identify as shiny luvdisc. While catching a luvdisc will have a chance to get and identify the Shiny Luvdisc. Based on information on Twitter after the event got completed, very few players got a Shiny Luvdisc in the game.

According to information, Luvdisc and shiny Luvdisc, and third-generation don’t have evolutions. It will also consist of stats like 53 hp, 37 attacks, 68 defense and 50 special attacks, 81 special attacks, 121 speed capacity power.

There will also be another spotlight event to be taken place in the game on 23rd February 2021.  And Pikachu will be in the spotlight in that event will have a chance to win twice the candy after catching the Pokemon.

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