Dead Man Walking Destiny 2 | XX7463 Dead Man Walking : Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 is not only famous for its storyline and gameplot. But also for the gears and the weapons that it offers to the players. And out of the weapons available in the game my personal favourite is the gun Dead Man Walking Destiny 2.

    Dead Man Walking Destiny 2

    Dead Man Walking Destiny 2 | XX7463 Dead Man Walking : Destiny 2

    What is so special about the gun that makes it such a popular weapon to own in the game. This question must have crossed the minds of many players. The dead man Walking is a legendary sidearm used in the game. This sidearm can be dismantled and new material like the glimmer, Gunsmith material and legendary shards can be created out of it. This Gun can be upgraded and the features that will be added are as follows.

    Dead Man Walking Destiny 2 | XX7463 Dead Man Walking : Destiny 2

    First is the SUROS Rapid Fire upgrade which will provide deeper ammo reserves and a faster reload. After that there is the shortspec SAS upgrade which will increase stability, handling speed and also increase range. The Tactic SAS upgrade will increase range. Target SAS upgrade will offer an increased range, slightly decreased stability and a slightly decreased range too. But the Extended mag update will greatly increase the magazine size and will greatly decrease the reload speed. After that comes the Armour Piercing rounds which will slightly increase the range.

    Now players will be also wondering about the statistics of the sidearm. They are mentioned below

    Dead man Walking Statistics

    Dead Man Walking Destiny 2 | XX7463 Dead Man Walking : Destiny 2

    • The side arm’s impact is 35 and it has a range of 32 which can be increased with the updates.
    • It offers a stability of 64 and a handling of 57 which can also be upgraded.
    • The reload speed is only 23 which can only be reduced further.
    • The sidearm can do 450 rounds per minute which is great. And it has a Magazine size of 21 which can be increased.
    • It offers an aim assistance of 56 and has an inventory size of 64. The Recoil direction is 98 and the Zoom is 12.

    Although there are some ups and downs in the stats. The overall result is great. No wonder it is a legendary weapon and every player aspires to own one.

    For more such interesting updates on Destiny 2, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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