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Doom Eternal Retrieve your Crucible Secrets

The Slayer Key‘s last mission comes with 25 secrets which you must find and collect in order to complete the mission. A white question mark on the map and a large floating question mark indicates that you are near a secret collectable. All the crucible secrets to be retrieved are as follows:

  1. First Secret Encounter –

    Reach to an open courtyard with a large statue, in the Atrium Plaza. Take two lefts from there and get going through the cracked wall. You will be getting your first Taras Nabad Secret Encounter.

  2. Second Secret Encounter –

    The lower section in Fallen Titan with a BFG Ammo Charge has stairs. Climb it down and take left after going forward. Punch and make your way through the cracked wall. You’ll get the Taras Nabad’s Secret Encounter.

  3. Sentinel Battery – 

    You must find two sentinel batteries and they will be in the City Outskirts and Atrium Plaza. One will be hidden at the end of the tunnel while the other is in a chamber whose access is through a statue.

  4. Doom 2016 – BFG Division Album –

    In the City Outskirts, you will come across a crumbled bridge whose end ledge will contain the Doom 2016 – BFG Division Album. Grab it by going across the bridge but quickly turning towards the edge before going any further.

  5. Mastery Token –

    Revealing the first Secret Encounter will lead you to Mastery Token. Right in the former’s place, there will be a green button in a small hallway. Hit it to open the Master Token gate.

  6. Cheat Disk or Code –

    The Cheat Code – Powerup Mode: Overdrive is right next to the Second Encounter. Thus, you will find this cheat code and second secret encounter in the same location, sharing the space.

  7. Praetor Suit point –

    Among the various Praetor Suit Points, you will find a hidden one in the Fallen Titan. Since all the others are in plain sight, they will be easy to locate. There is an area with a giant demon in it, whose right leg side will have a Praetor Suit Point waiting for you.

You can also get your hands on three toys, namely

  • Cyber Mancubus
  • Marauder
  • Pain Elemental

The three are found in Atrium Plaza, Fallen Titan and Throne Room, respectively.

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