What Are The Altar of Flame Quests In Destiny 2 And How To Win Them? : Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 does not need any further introduction. Indeed, you are aware of how thrilling and adventurous this multi-player game named Destiny 2 is and have been enjoying it for some time, as well. One thing that can not be understated is that solving some of the Destiny 2 quests are difficult. For instance, The Altar of Flame in Destiny 2 on the planet Mercury is set in the Caloris Basin.  Let us learn more about this Altar of Flame in Destiny 2 and how to come out successful at the end of this quest. 

    What Are The Altar of Flame Quests In Destiny 2 And How To Win Them? : Destiny 2

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    All About Altar of Flame

    Located within the Infinite Forest, Altar of Flame is a Simulation of Mercury on its appearance in Destiny 2. The accessibility to the Altar of Flame is limited inside the game, as it is only open through the Random Map rotation. There are in total three match types in Destiny 2 when beginning your journey towards the Altar of Flame;

    What Are The Altar of Flame Quests In Destiny 2 And How To Win Them? : Destiny 2

    • Survival 
    • Control
    • Clash

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    Locations Within The Altar of Flames

    Coming to the locations within the Altar of Flame in Destiny 2. There are about the right features that will stand out to you while you venture inside the Altar of Flame; 

    • Dunes; A high-traffic area, you as a player can utilize this space to your advantage in a firefight. Power Ammo is likely to spawn in the Control mode of the game. 
    • Candles; A famous flanking route gives access to other places within the Altar of Flames such as the DunesCircuit, or Curve.
    • Circuit; rotation and flanking route at best, this Circuit area also becomes a Power Ammo spawn location in Clash matches within the Destiny 2 video game.
    • Curve; Curve serves as the point of partition within the Altar of Flame’s entire area. You can only get access to the Power Ammo at the Curve during Survival matches in the Destiny 2 game.
    • Gate; Perceived as the Altar of Flame’s actual center, this functions are a capture point in Control games, and spawning is for Tie-breaking capture point in Survival matches. 

    What Are The Altar of Flame Quests In Destiny 2 And How To Win Them? : Destiny 2

    • Disc/Platt; Utilise this particular tiny space to your advantage while rotating between Blocks and Dunes. This place is also a Power Ammo spawn place in Clash matches in the Destiny 2 game.
    • Blocks; This comparably open space will give quick access if you want to go from the Cliff Spawn and reach the Gate. In control matches, this particular area is also a Power Ammo spawn point.  
    • Hall; This area connects you to other crucial points within the Altar of Flame space in Destiny 2, such as ShrineBlocks, and Curves. You can also avail this location as a great sniping position. 
    • Shrine;  In clash matches, you can use the Shrine space as a Power Ammo spawn area. While in control games, Shrine takes the form of a capture locationA crucial area within the Altar of Flame, make sure to use it for your interest to the fullest. 

    So go ahead and visit the Altar of Flame in Destiny 2—best of luck.  Destiny 2 is available for play on platforms like PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows.

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