Genshin Impact Guanhai Food – Keeping Wanmin’s Patrons Fed! : Genshin Impact

    Popular game Genshin Impact is having an ongoing event, Lantern Rite Festival. The event is taking place at Liyue Harbor. Players can navigate through the events overview tab to spot a unique Lantern Rite Tales ready for competition.  Out of the listed quest, one quest will be an aid to the Wanmin Restaurant. As one of their chef, Chef Mao has more work than normal. Genshin Impact Guanhai Food is a part of this Genshin Impact keeping Wanmin’s Fed.

    Genshin Impact Guanhai Food

    Genshin Impact Guanhai Food - Keeping Wanmin's Patrons Fed! : Genshin Impact

    Here is a quick guide to Genshin Impact keeping Wanmin’s Fed:-

    • To start off with this quest by navigating to the overview tab and select the second mail and choose the quest stated there.
    • Navigate to the Wanmin Restaurant to see how it goes.
    • Move to southern Teleport point as it is just next to the restaurant and it will save time.
    • As soon as you reach there will mark the start of a timer and you will have to deliver food to Atsuko in the specified time.

    • You will be given one long minute so do it with concentration and patience.
    • Next, go and meet Zhihua, Wench Wang, and Guanhai to know what food they like to have
    • Guanhai will state that he likes squirrelfish. Wench wang will state that he likes Bamboo Shoot Soup. Zhihua will state that she likes Lotus Flower Crisp.
    • Gunhai further adds that he likes to fish a lot and he will love it the fish is served with some special flavors like sweet-and-sour. Out of the options, Squirrelfish is his best choice.
    • Zhihua further adds that he wants to invite Qiming to release Xiao lanterns later, so she will like to have something without the fish or meat. And she finally chooses Lotus Flower Crisp of the available choices.
    • Wench Wang adds that his hunger traded hot soup with some crisp bamboo shoot and he likes to have meat along. so he chooses Bamboo Shoot Soup.

    So, there you have it, guys. There you have it, guys. This is all the latest information that you need to know about the Genshin Impact Guanhai Food

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