Mist Flowers Genshin Impact Location – Everything to Know : Genshin Impact

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    Mist Flowers Genshin Impact

    Mist Flower Corolla is one among the variety of plants in the game, Genshin Impact. It appears like a flower but is actually a bud with solid ice encasing it. This flower’s specialty is cold, and it emits chillness even after it is separated from the plant. It’s quite threatening to weak and small creatures, and you will get cold damage if you get too close to its ice flower form.

    Mist Flowers Genshin Impact Location - Everything to Know : Genshin Impact

    Finding or getting this Mistflower is essential for one of the in-game events, namely Five Flushes Of Fortune. Since it comes under the game’s material category, its use in crafting Frosting Essential oil and Frostshiel Potion should not surprise you. Although both the craft items utilize only 1 Mistflower, finding them would be challenging if you don’t know their locations.

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    Mist Flower Locations

    Mist Flower Corollas will often occur near water bodies or water surfaces. They will be in the form of Ice Flowers, which causes cold damage to you. Also, you will not be able to harvest them until they are in the form of Mist Flowers. To obtain the latter, thaw out the flower by hitting it with Pyro’s ability. After that, you will be able to add this material to your inventory.

    Mist Flowers Genshin Impact Location - Everything to Know : Genshin Impact

    Regarding this icy plant, it can grow anywhere, randomly, but the two major sources where you can find this are:

    1. The wild
    2. Dawn Winery

    The second location also serves to be the best destination for harvesting Mist Flowers. in Mondstadt’s southwest region, several icy plants will start to appear near the main path. Upon following this path, it will further lead you to a huge bunch of Mist Flower Corolla. Though this area is quite prominent for wines, there are many ice creatures and plants around here too. Apart from the wild, you can also find many Mist Flowers growing on the lake and river banks over here.

    In Liyue, the places in and around the northern roads and the river. I will have plenty of Mist Flowers too. In case none of the sources workout for you, you can always rely on the Bubu Pharmacy. You will be able to purchase 5 Mist Flowers from here at the rate of 1000 Mora each.

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