The New Intel 11th Gen Processors are INSANE! : Technology

    Intel has been the market leader in the processor industry for a long time now. However, for the past two years, intel has been receiving a very tough competition from the rival company AMD. AMD’s Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and 9 series have been hailed by critics and users as being extremely cost effective and powerful. Also the Amd’s integrated Vega graphics have been much better at GPU performance than the Intel’s Integrated UHD graphics.

    Intel has been criticised for not upgrading it’s 14 nm designs whereas and was providing power efficient 8 and 10 nm processors. Just when it seemed that intel had lost its grip on the market however, Intel came up with their brand new 11th gen processors integrated with the new intel Xe graphics. The new generation of processors were unveiled at CES 2021 event. And the benchmark performances of these brand new processors have just started coming in. Here’s everything about these new processors. Read on to find out why we say The New Intel 11th Gen Processors are INSANE!!!

    The New Intel 11th Gen Processors are INSANE!

    The New Intel 11th Gen Processors are INSANE! : Technology

    Intel has been at the top of the market for quite long. And there is a reason for that. The intel processor focuses on providing a stable performance to the users, with an impressive consistency.

    The intel processors are criticised for being expensive, but nonetheless they provide performance in return for that cost. However, the past few years haven’t been very productive for intel. The past few years saw no new innovations from the company, and hence it was criticized for making more or the same processors, with the same capabilities with only the generation changed.

    However, it seems this time intel has decided to change gears. The brand new 11th generation processors unveiled by the company will feature architecture based on a brand new system, a brand new Integrated GPU and an overall considerable performance boost.

    Intel 11th Gen Processors | Specs

    The New Intel 11th Gen Processors are INSANE! : Technology

    Intel announced at the CES 2021 that they will be launching three ranges of the 11th gen processors, which will amount to a total of 50 new processors in 2021 for both laptops and desktops:

    • The entry level N- series processors including the Pentium Silver and Celeron range.
    • The 11th gen Evo vPro range for slim business laptops
    • 11th gen Tiger Lake-H series for high performance gaming laptops
    • 11th gen Rocket Lake-S series for desktops.

    The tiger lake- H processors claim to be very efficient, built on a 10 nm architecture the processors bring high performance gaming to thin laptop devices. The initial benchmarks have shown that the i7 11th gen outperforms the brand new M1 chip of apple by a considerable margin.

    Also AMD’s 5000 series lags behind the new tiger lake-H in benchmark results. The new Xe integrated GPU also provides high end results. Although it’ll be very early to make a conclusion comment

    But It seems, intel has once again made a solid footing with these new generation processors….

    For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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