Best WhatsApp Settings to Avoid Hackers – Major initiative to block hackers- WhatsApp settings

One of the widely used social media platforms, WhatsApp, has always been under threat over the past few years. The hacking of WhatsApp account has now become a major issue for all users. Further, the hackers won’t only stop the public. But has also adversely affected many celebrities and the richest person in the world. Read the complete article to know how your WhatsApp can be hijacked and what are initiatives you can take to avoid hackers.

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Major incident of WhatsApp account hacking

At first, users of WhatsApp shall be aware that their WhatsApp account can be hacked at any time. Those who are thinking that they don’t use WhatsApp for business purposes, or they don’t use it frequently. You have to be concerned with your privacy.

Best WhatsApp Settings to Avoid Hackers - Major initiative to block hackers- WhatsApp settings

In the last year 2020, the WhatsApp account of many users has been hacked, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. In brief, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman was initially claimed to be behind this incident. Lately, it was confirmed by New York Times. Financial Times and Vice through a published report from FTI. The report states that MBS  hacked Jeff Bezos’s entire phone through a WhatsApp message sent by him in 2018. Unaware of the fact that from the year 2018, Bezos phone was hacked, in the year 2020, he finally complained against the suspicious incident and urged for an investigation. This news has forced many people to think that whether WhatsApp is safe to use or not? Of course, it is safe to use but with the cognizance of the users.

Best WhaatsApp Settings to Avoid Hackers - Major initiative to block hackers- WhatsApp settings

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How hackers can hack your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp basically works through your mobile number. The mobile number is a Unique Identifier. This app works with only one unique identifier number in one device. Which further means that one mobile number for one device. When you install the app on your device and proceed, WhatsApp asked you to enter the 6 digit verification code. This code is sent through an SMS. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t check the device’s phone number and absolutely rely on SMS verification.

Furthermore, it means that if the hacker knows your number and possibly gets your verification code. Then, the hacker indeed is hacking your WhatsApp. Hackers mostly used this trick until now. But from the last 2 years, hackers use a bit different techniques to hack your WhatsApp account.

In the current scenario, the attacker have already hacked the WhatsApp account or Facebook account of your friend and send you a text stating that “My SMS is not working, WhatsApp needs to send a code, but they cannot do so. So I asked them to send you. Please forward it”. This trick was widely known on a complaint made on a Twitter account of  WABetainfo.

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Follow the steps mentioned below to avoid hackers.

  • There is a  6-digit code embedded in WhatsApp.
  • This code is unknown to WhatsApp itself or anyone else.
  • It is a Two-Step verification.
  • Furthermore, open WhatsApp settings.
  • Tap account> 2step verification
  • Enter 6-digit code
  • Positively add your back-up email address, and don’t skip it.
  • Tap next
  • Confirm e-mail address and tap save.
  • Your account is safe from hackers now.

Moreover, it will only take 30 to 60seconds. After all, anyone can manipulate you through misuse of your privacy. Don’t let this happen, and follow the above-mentioned steps to avoid hackers.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Best WhatsApp Settings to Avoid Hackers. To get all the latest updates on Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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