Google play music will no longer be available after 24th February | Top 5 google Play Music Alternative : Technology

As we already know that Google Play Music has ended their services in December of last year. A good thing behind this is that all your data saved in the cloud locker are still available for export. But no more Google has come up with a mail. In the mail, google informs the users that they will be permanently deleting all the files and data associated with Play Music. Google Play Music will no longer be available after 24th February for the users.

Google play music will no longer be available after 24th February | Top 5 google Play Music Alternative : Technology

Some of the google play users have started receiving mail from February 4th. According to mail, Google will delete all the Google Play Music files by February 24th. The Files include the complete music archives with any kind of upload, the purchases you made, and anything included from the app. It is advisable that you export your data before otherwise there will be no option left to recover the files.

Top 5 Google Play Music Alternative

  • Spotify– It is already used by a lot of the population. Spotify is the largest music streaming app presently. The apps allow you to listen to your favorite music for free, hear radio stations of your choice, and a very interesting feature of the app is Podcasts. If you don’t want the advertisement to disturb you then you can get its subscription. Spotify’s subscription charges are $9.99 per month.
  • YouTube Music– Youtube Music contains a lot of similar features to Google Play Music so if you use this app you won’t miss Google Play Music much. Youtube Music’s Subscription charges are $9.99/month.
  • Amazon Music– This app has a massive collection of 60 million songs. Amazon Music also allows having a purchase option making it different from other streaming services. Though the app lacks some MP3 when compared to google play music. Amazon Prime’s subscription charges are $7.99/month.
  • Apple Music– Apple Music a great collection of 60 million songs. The app allows you to upload about 1 lakh songs of your own music but it’s suggested that you own a MAC for this process. Apple Music’s Subscription charges are $9.99/month.
  • SoundCloud-It is a great music app has it has a massive collection of music that are from artists that are independent, little popular, and not well known. SoundCloud’s subscription charges are $9.99/month.

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