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Of course, with famous video games, there comes a few hacks that everyone might not be aware of or does not how to use it. One of the hacks in Call of Duty mobile, that has picked on lots of reviews and curiosity recently is Aimbot. Let’s learn more about these Aimbot hacks in Call of Duty, what Aimbot does, and how you can use Aimbot for your benefit in Call of Duty. Let’s talk about Call Of Duty Mobile Aimbot.

Call Of Duty Mobile Aimbot

One of the most popular hacks in Call of Duty Mobile is AimbotAimbot permits a player to kill off virtual characters in the game without even trying. Aimbot Program, when used and enabled in Call of Duty Mobile, kills off characters automatically when in eyesight after tracking them through the game. The Aimbohack is hard to detect and comprehend when it occurs because your character can easily be killed off in the Call of Duty mobile game before you attempt to detect who is using Aimbot.  

Call of Duty Mobile

To download Aimbot and other hacks into your phone and use them while playing Call of Duty Mobile, here’s what you need to do; 

  • Download and install Call of Duty Mobile on your phone. Hacks for Call of Duty are most accessible to use on Android phones, so this guide to downloading hacks is for Android. 
  • Download Call of Duty Obb pack which will available in APK form. 
  • Extract the file once downloaded and install it on your Android phone. 
  • Install the game through APK file and launch it, and all the hacks for Call of Duty Mobile are now within your reach for access and use.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty Hack | How to detect ?

It is near about impossible to detect when someone is using the Aimbot hack in Call of Duty Mobile. So, one of the few things you can do is trace the change in viewing direction of the other players in the Call of Duty game. When you see some strange actions, or gestures in any character that you can not mimic on to yours like turning 180 degrees or fast and precise aim in a second through the controller, it is most likely the character is controlled by the Aimbot hack.  

Call of Duty Mobile

So go ahead and give Call of Duty Mobile a try. Remember Call of Duty Mobile hacks like Aimbot, Wallhack, Triggerbot, and Radar are not permitted for use in tournaments and challenges.  

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