Cyberpunk 2077 Hidden Achievements – You can take a new path for maximum rewards! : Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Hidden Achievements and trophies have riled the curiosities of all the players. In total the game has 44 Achievements out of which 14 are hidden. These achievements are not going to get you any in game bonuses. But there are many players who want to complete extra challenges in the game or just level up their skills. So they might as well complete there hidden challenges. These achievements are located in different parts of the Night City. The most popular hidden Achievement among the players is “The devil”. As it is a part of one of the many endings in the game.

Many players would want to find these on their own. But for the players who are looking for some hints. Then this is the right place to turn to. Here is the list of all the 14 Achievements and hints about their locations or how to complete them. there is no point in doing these Achievements if you know where to find them exactly or how to complete them. As they are not going to get you any rewards. So we stuck yo the hints, and will let you enjoy the process.

Cyberpunk 2077 Hidden Achievements

Cyberpunk 2077 Hidden Achievements - You can take a new path for maximum rewards! : Cyberpunk 2077

  • The first one is the The Fool. For completing this one become a mercenary. Next one is The lovers. Steal the Relic and see if you can complete the achievement or not. Third is The Hermit. For this one find the Alt Cunningham.
  • Fourth is The wheel of fortune. Interrogating Anders Hellman will open the doors for completing this Achievement. Next up in line is The High Priestess. You can talk with Hanako Arasaka and gain some information for the same.
  • Sixth one will be Bushido and Chill. So, for this one watch bushido battle with Rogue. Seventh is the Judy vs Night City. Just complete the Judy Alvarez’s storyline and you will reach the place.
  • Eight is Life of the Road for which players will have to complete Panam Palmers storyline. Next one is called To bad decisions where players will complete Kerry Eurodyne’s storyline.
  • For completing To protect and serve river ward’s storyline should be completed. Tip for completing The sun is to become a legend of afterlife. And for The star will be to leave night city with the Aldecaldos.
  • Temperence can be achieved by letting Jhonny Silverhand keep your body. Lastly the most favorite and popular Achievement The Devil can be completed by helping Takemura avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka.

So that was all for Cyberpunks Hidden Achievements.

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