Regional Major Rankings CSGO – Latest Updates!! All you Need to Know : CSGO

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A few hours ago, value announced new and drastic updates to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Regional Major Rankings. As you may already know, Regional Major Rankings, or RMR as it is better to know, is a point-based qualification system that decides which team will be invited to a major championship. Last year is 2020; however, no major event was held. So, in 2020, the valve has announced the release of 2020 CS: GO Regional Major Rankings Capsules to appreciate the participating teams. Valve also announced certain changes in the rules, which have also included banning 8 coaches for life. Here is all that has changed. Read on to find out all you need to know about the Regional Major Rankings CSGO.

Regional Major Rankings CSGO - Latest Updates!! All you Need to Know : CSGO

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Regional Major Rankings CSGO

Here are some major highlights of what all was announced:

  1. As there was no major event held in 2020, 2020, CS: GO RMR Capsules are released to show appreciation for the players. The capsules represent the teams that were to receive invitations if there was an event. The capsules are actually stickers fifty percent revenue from whom will directly go towards the respective team.
  2. For the year 2021, RMR events would be held as usual. This year, the events will select the teams for invitations to the 2021 PGL Stockholm Major.
  3. Some rules have been updated for the RMR 2021. The major changes are:

    • RMR Points of all teams will be reset, except 2020 RMR Legends, Challengers, and contenders, who will start with 600, 300, and 100 points, respectively.
    • The teams can also have a substitute player on top of the coach.
    • A penalty will be put if a team removes a player by substitution in an event, but if the player is called back, there will not be any penalty.
    • Coaches and other crew cannot be in the same room or server or communicate in any way with the players during an ongoing match.

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What does Valve say about coaching Integrity?

Regional Major Rankings CSGO - Latest Updates!! All you Need to Know : CSGO

Valve said that this was done to ensure that the September 2020 incident does not happen again. For those who don’t know, in September last year, it was reported that some coaches were cleverly making use of a bug to their advantage and thus were in an indirect way cheating.

For this, Valve has banned 8 coaches for life after proper investigation. And have said that Coaching Integrity must be maintained or else there would be strict repercussions.

Thus it seems with all these changes deemed necessary for a long time. Valve moves towards a more competitive yet fair RMR 2021.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Regional Major Rankings CSGO. To get all the latest updates on CSGO, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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