Dybala Moments FIFA 21 – How to complete the moments SBC ? : FIFA 21

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Dybala Moments FIFA 21 :  Fifa 21 has now launched a brand new Moments card in the game. similar to the Fifa 20 Flashbacks Card. This Moments card throws light on a specific time of a players career when the gave an extraordinary performance. This card can be the most innovative way to introduce new and amazing players to the Fifa team.

Dybala Moments FIFA 21

This card went live on the 24th January and will expire on the 31st January 2021. Dybala is a really loved player in the Fifa. and also extremely well player. The moments card consists of 6 categories and each has a few sub categories in them. The moments card has scores for each category and Dybala’s score are incredible.

Dybala Moments FIFA 21 - How to complete the moments SBC ? : FIFA 21

  • Dybala’s average pace in the card is 89. With an acceleration of 93 and Sprint speed of 86. Average shooting score are 88. In which his positioning is awarded 88 points. Finishing is given 87 points. Shot power is 85 and long shots are 90. Volleys are 91 and penalties are given 89.
  • Next category which is Passing has an average score of 92. In this he has 95 for his vision and 80 for his crossing. 96 for free kick and 95 for short Passing. Lastly for Curve he is given a score of 96.
  • His Dribbling has an average rating of 94. Where Agility is 95, Balance is 93, Reactions are given 87. Ball control is marked as 97, Dribbling 94 and for composure 87.
  • Average defense scores are 45. Where interceptions are 44. Heading is scored 67, Def. Awareness is 33, Standing tackle is 50 and sliding tackle is 42.
  • Lastly, Physical has an average of 67. Where jumping is 80, 83 for stamina, 64 for strength, and 51 for Aggression.

So that was it for the Dybala Moment pass. For more updates stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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