Lost Memory Fragments Destiny 2 – How and Where to find them ? : Destiny 2

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The very popular game Destiny 2 has some great collectibles known as Lost Memory Fragments Destiny 2. These are optional to collect while finding and touring the War mind DLC. The other name of these lost memory fragments is Latent Memories. You can find these dotted all along the Hellas Basin. If you are able to find them and show some great shooting abilities (shoots ranging from 35-45) you can unlock exclusive rewards, especially the World line zero Exotic Sword.

Lost Memory Fragments Destiny 2

Lost Memory Fragments Destiny 2 - How and Where to find them ? : Destiny 2

Fragments are actually tiny circular-shaped. They are hidden so you will actually have to find them along the hella basin out so that you can collect them. They are a total of 45  fragments to collect. In order to get the Zero Exotic reward, you don’t need to collect all the 45 Memory Fragments. This also allows you to get access to the G-335 An series Overdrive Exotic Sparrow.

How to shoot Lost Memory Fragments ? 

  • The trick to ace it is that as soon as you see the lost memory fragments you have to shoot them.
  • Another trip to this is that your weapon type should match up with the weapon.
  • For Eg white nodes are synonyms of neutral so you shoot at them with any of the weapons.
  • Just collect and shoot 35-45 fragments and you will have the reward with you.
  • Try to have all weapons of one type each so that as soon as you spot any you can shoot them.

Location of Lost memory Fragments

Lost Memory Fragments Destiny 2 - How and Where to find them ? : Destiny 2

  • They are a total of 12 fragments in Braytech Futurescape.
  • Ten memory Fragments can be found at Dynamo Approach and Alton Dynamo.
  • Six  Fragments are found hidden in Aurora Reach and Mindlab: Rasputin
  • A total of three lost memory fragments are found in Olympus Descent
  • Glacial Drift has a total of 14 Lost Memory Fragments.

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