Facebook and Instagram Develops Photo AI for visually impaired!

Facebook and Instagram ahs developed Photo AI for visually impaired users. Today I will guide you on how to activate Photo AI and captions for visually impaired users. It’s beneficial and shares it with many people who really need this.

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About the new Photo AI Update:

Facebook and Instagram Develops Photo AI for visually impaired!

  • Facebook also revealed new developments in its artificial intelligence (AItechnologies to create explanations for visually disabled users of images shared on its websitesincluding Instagram.
  • In 2016, Facebook unveiled a new AI technology-based automatic alternative text(AAT), which uses object recognition to generate captions of the photos so that visually impaired people can easily get the news from the feed.
  • On Tuesday, the company issued a statement about AI technology based on object recognization and rolled out soon on Facebook and Instagram.

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How to Activate Facebook and Instagram Image AI:

  • According to the Facebook blog post, through their social media software and sense of hearing, artificial intelligence in the form of technologies that they used to assist blind people and visually impaired to see again.
  • This technology does not need to be a new pair of cameras for eyes or technology, but AI analyzes the image and explains it by dictation.
  • The functionality is coming to Instagram soon with better vocabulary but is now available for checking its capabilities in Facebook’s framework.
  • For Android, users need to long-press a screenshot, and iOS smartphones have a custom gesture to activate the photo dictation for its definition.
  • This update is not rolled out to the applications, but it will be available soon.

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