Here’s How You Can Earn $20m Pool Prize In Fortnite Season 5 Champion Series

    Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, always know how to keep players of Fortnite at the edge of their seat and entertained. Recently the gaming world went into a frenzy when the Fortnite Competitive announced on social media; there are massive cash prizes that are more to win in the Fortnite Champion Series(FNCS). Along with cash prizes, there are format changes, broadcast details, and other information about the prize pool revealed too on 19th January on their official website. 

    Here's How You Can Earn $20m Pool Prize In Fortnite Season 5 Champion Series

    Begining 2021 couldn’t get better than FNCS announcing $20 million in prizes to win. The competitive series of Fortnite looks to be divided into four seasons, and the $20 million distributed in $3 million across each season. There will be other year-end events where the leftover $8 million will be awarded to the deserving player. 

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    The prize pool breakdown per region for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5

    • Europe – $1.35 million
    • NA East – $690K
    • NA West – $300K
    • Brazil – $300K
    • Asia – $150K
    • Middle East – $120K
    • Oceania – $90K

    This reveal comes after professional players of the game who have a large fan following complained about handling the Cash Cup prize by Epic games in 2020. 

    Here's How You Can Earn $20m Pool Prize In Fortnite Season 5 Champion Series

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    Here are the changes to competitive playlists before FNCS starts from the official website announcement itself:

    • Addition of Lever Action Shotgun
    • Vaulted Rift Fish
    • Vaulted Shockwave Grenades
    • Removal of Elevators and IO Guards
    • Sand tunneling will remain in competitive playlists and tournaments as long as it remains in the core playlists, as it is a major feature of this Season’s map.
    • We’ve made adjustments to the amount of Bars players who start within competitive playlists. We’ll continue to monitor how the Bars system fits in competitive and will make adjustments as necessary.

    For more information about the FNCS, head on over to the official website announcement notification here.

    Here's How You Can Earn $20m Pool Prize In Fortnite Season 5 Champion Series

    The first qualifier round starts on 4th February, and the Finals of FNCS start on 2nd March. Catch up on your skills in the game, and you may have a chance to win a large amount of money. 

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