Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods – A new expansion episode by Doom Eternal : Doom Eternal

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Your favourite first-person shooter video game is introducing an extended chapter Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods – Part One. Read ahead to know more about it.

Doom Eternal has launched its first expansion chapter in October 2020. This DLC Campaign episode of Doom Eternal is The Ancient Gods – Part One. It promises players extra addictive content than other previous releases. It has got frantic and hard-hitting gameplay for its fans. Let’s quickly delve into it and see if it’s worthy-

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods – Part One

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods - A new expansion episode by Doom Eternal : Doom Eternal

  • Just as similar to Doom Eternal, this expansion model provokes the players to develop straightforward manoeuvres. With the game levelling up harder, the players need to practice the benefits of fight arenas, and bonuses, in more calculated ways. The players are supposed to keep a check on their movement as every action will certainly have a consequence.
  • Almost all the features match the actual Doom Eternal for this is just an extended episode. But it definitely has got new and better modifications which distinguish it from others. Have a look at it-
  • Doom Eternal- Ancient Gods has got three levels in all. They are- UAC Atlantica Facility, The Blood Swamps and The Holt. Every level has got its own requisite challenges, demons and troubles. It all comes down to how one uses its dexterities and tactics to confront every complexity.
  • This DLC campaign has got the entire weapon collection of the Doom Eternal except for the one Crucible whose blade broke off when it was used to kill the Icon of Sin by the Slayer in the climax of Doom Eternal.
  • The Ancient Gods DLC incorporates all other Non-boss enemies from Doom Eternal as well as some new additions. You surely gotta team up to fight Turret, Spirit, Whiplash Spectre, Blood Makyr, Maligog’s Eye and Samur.

We suggest you go give it a try and let us know in the comments about your experience playing this new Doom Eternal DLC game.

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