Streamer Wins The Gulag 1v1 With His Instrument Videogame Controller : Call of Duty: Warzone

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Winning games with exceptional techniques sound interesting, Right? A Call Of Duty Streamer has managed to do the same. He managed to win the gulag with the help of a recorder.

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Streamer Wins The Gulag 1v1 with his Instrument

With a new instrument, DeanoBeano is back. This time it is the recorder. And now, after a few efforts, he has managed to win the Gulag with it. For many weeks, DeanoBeano has been using the recorder to play Call of Duty. Through this, he slowly developed his abilities and even managed to accomplish some trick shots. In an early stream, he explained that his microphone picks up some pitches on the recorder to enable in-game features.

It sounds amazing, and it is an incredible achievement, especially because the setup appears to be fairly basic. In the context, it seems like Deano is running a program that maps those notes to inputs in the game. He plays separate notes on the recorder from there to strafe, pan the camera, ADS, and fire. Played in rapid succession, the song sounds like an old black and white comedy’s frantic backing track. Judging by Deano’s ability to play Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War the same way with this wacky feedback system and a few past streams, the practice is finally paying off.

Credits: Dexerto

How Did DeanoBeano React?

DeanoBeano said it was initially difficult to remember which notes to play. It seems that learning how to use the recorder took a reasonable amount of practice. Because only one note can sound simultaneously, maneuvering is also tricky, and doubly so if the note is played off-pitch slightly. DeanoBeano explained in the stream that playing a D sometimes activates the shooting order, which is actually supposed to be C, so with these pitches, he has to be very precise.

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