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Genshin Impact has many fans, and many of them like to create additional simulators for the game they are so into. The wish simulator is created by one such fan. In Genshin Impact, players have to make choices at every stage of the game. Sometimes the outcome of this choice is not the one that the players would have expected. So wishes are a commonly used feature in the Genshin Impact. This is not an official simulator for Mihoyo and is just created for fun. So whatever rewards you obtain in the wish simulator are not taken in the game further.

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Wish Simulator

The Wish simulator allows players to make wishes on several banners that are available in the game. The players will also receive a simulated gift for the wish they have made. The results of the wishes are very close to that of the real game. But as mentioned before, players can not carry it forward in the game. Players can download this simulator on the google play store or play on the official website.

Genshin Impact Wishing Simulator and Wish System : Genshin Impact

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How to obtain wishes?

Wishes in the game can be obtained using the wished currency. They are Acquaint fate and Intertwined fate. The Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate are stones that look like a bright seed. These currencies can be used to get a standard wish in the game.

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Wish System in Genshin Impact

Wish making in the Genshin Impact involves three different types of currencies. The Primogems, Acquaint fate, and Intertwined Fate. This is why wish making can be a bit complicated in this game. One can acquire these currencies after progressing in the game and completing missions. Also, they can be bought in the store.

Players can use primogems to obtain Acquaint fate and Intertwined Fate. Stardust and Starglitter can also be used to purchase the Acquaint fate and Intertwined Fate. The wishes help a player in getting new gears, characters, and weapons. If players bundle up their wishes before going to a wishing event, It can help get discounts. Collecting primogems can be a prolonged process. So players will need a lot of patience for this. Players also need to observe the events going on before making any wishes.

Wishes can really help players get ahead of other players, level up faster, and progress through the game faster.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Genshin Impact Wishing Simulator and Wish System. To get more updates on Genshin Impact, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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