Rust Twitch Drops – Free Drops for Rust fans! : Rust

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Twitch is the name of a video live streaming service which was launched 9 years ago on the 6th of June. This American Amazon subsidiary is a commercial streaming site that has over 15 million users on an average. They got 27000 partner channels and 3 million broadcasters per month. Most of the contents that go through this channel are about gaming and esports news. Be it a tournament or game talk show or personnel stream, Twitch displays it to the world depending on the viewer’s count and choice.

Twitch Drops

The short and sweet version of Twitch drops is watching Twitch channels and receiving rewards. It is an exciting way to get your favourite game’s in-game loots. All you have to do is link your game account with Twitch and browse through the latter’s channel pages. Get to your game that features Drop program. Watch the whole broadcast and win exciting rewards and loots. All you have to do is wait till the live Drop occurs and receive it on the spot. The Drops and the loot in it vary according to the game, so it is solely the game developer’s responsibility. Twitch is just acting as an intermediate for you to receive it.

Rust Twitch Drops

Rust is an online game that was developed and published by Facepunch Studios. This only multiplayer mode of survival genre video game came to the market on 8th February 2018 in Windows and Mac OS platform. The player must collect stolen materials and survive in the wild. Not just animals but other players are also a great threat in the game, so they must also perform PvP combats to survive.

  • After the latest monthly update of the game, there are new features and structures in it, which equalised all the players- from beginners to pros. This led to the invitation of many new players and strategies along with an increase in server capacity.
  • Recently, Facepuch gave access to Twitch Drops for the players who are watching Rust content on the Twitch channels. In addition to that, players will also get streamer-specific rewards. It got a record of achieving 1 million viewer threshold in this year- 2021.

Rust twitch drops - Free Drops for Rust fans! : Rust

The exclusive Drop rewards are live till 11:30 GMT of 14th January 2021. It includes hoodies, weapon, chest and door skins. They are:

  • Shroud
  • xQc
  • Pokimane
  • Myth
  • JakeSepticEye
  • LilyPichu
  • Ludwig
  • Skyunno
  • AuronoPlay

Rust twitch drops - Free Drops for Rust fans! : Rust

There are three general Rust rewards for the game viewers and it is given only when the person watches it for a certain period of time. On watching the stream for 2, 4 and 8 hours you will get a sofa, a red industrial door and a flaming Hobo barrel, respectively.

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