Rust January Update – Brings new servers, drops and many more : Rust

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Rust January update has come as a boon to its fans. As the update has added higher serve capacity, twitch drops, and much more to one of the best survival games. Recently the rust game has gained popularity, and many gamers have been addicted to the game. Face punch studio is leaving no chance of attracting its players by providing an early update. The developers have announced the monthly update that has increased its server, added streamer-specific rewards, and had enabled twitch drops.


Rust January Update - Brings new servers, drops and many more : Rust

Actually, the studio expects to see a huge player count in recent times on their server, so server capacity is something they’re looking to. They are looking to add more servers online. Face punch Studio in an official post said that they are increasing the official server count by 13.

 Rust was released almost 7 years back but has gain popularity in recent times. The game has recently reached a milestone of 134,483 players. It has one million peaks twitch views. The game started getting popular after its full release in 2018. The update was released on 7th January 2021 at 11.00 PT and 14.00 ET.  The more things in updates are changes to game weather patterns, disabling of the Christmas event, and many other fixes.

 A detailed list of some other updates is:-

  • Fixing of clothes casting incorrect shadows.
  • Fixing of non-English characters in player names, which use to cause display issues in inventory.
  • Sleeping bags that used to be very close to each other will now be tinted orange while placing.
  • The voice that used to be transmitted through telephones and has now become audio filtered applied.
  • Xmas events and craft-able items disable.
  • Reducing T2 research cost.
  • Players will be able to boost voices from the menu instead of the console now.
  • Clearer Skies
  • Fixing of swapping Icons

So, this is all about the Rust January Update.

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