Kaldheim release date – kaldheim spoilers, MTG kaldheim leaks and much more! : MTG

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Kaldheim’s teaser trailer is finally out. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the release of the first magic expansion of the year. This will be the 86th expansion of the card game since it started in the 90s. Read on to find out Kaldheim release date – kaldheim spoilers, mtg kaldheim leaks and much more!!!


  • It was 1993 when Richard Garfield created the now legendary cardgame, Magic : The gathering a.k.a. simply MTG.
  • The game was quite popular at it’s release as the players can play it as both a collectible and digital collectible card game. 
  • As of december 2018, there were over thirty five million people worldwide, of the game. Also there are were roughly, more than 20 billion Magic cards produced between 2008 and 2013.
  • The game’s increased popularity is attributed to it’s ever increasing innovations, which have resulted in 85 expansions of the game till date.
  • Originally, the game was based on the traditional card games, but soon with many innovations the gameplay became much more advanced than a simple pencil paper adventure game.

Each game represents a fierce battle between two or more wizards who can do a variety of things like summoning creatures, casting spells etc. Using specific cards. The aim being to knock down the opponent, all these make up for quite a complex and sophisticated game.

Kaldheim release date - kaldheim spoilers, MTG kaldheim leaks and much more! : MTG

The game recently announced it’s first expansion for the year 2021. It’ll be called Kaldheim. Here is the official teaser trailer released by Wizard Of The Coast, the game’s publisher:

Release dates for Kaldehiem

  • The Arena is expected to be released by January 28, 
  • Actual Release Date for the extension is now announced: February 5, 2021!!!!

All the leaks and spoilers you need to know

Since it’s been announced there have been lots of leaks and spoilers around. Fans all over the world are excited.

  • The first leak that came about was actually hidden in the name of the game itself.
  • Kaldehiem was actually mentioned already in a plane card from the planechase set back in 2009.

Kaldheim release date - kaldheim spoilers, MTG kaldheim leaks and much more! : MTG

  • From there the fans got to the fact that Kaldehiem is based on the nordic world. Hence this expansion is sure to be full of norse mythic characters, folklore and of course vikings!!!
  • The second leak points towards the return of Snow mechanic. This was said as Kaldehiem in Norwegian actually means “cold home”
  • It is now almost confirmed that Kaldehiem will feature four planewalkers namely Kaya,Tibalt, Tyvar Kell and Niko Aris.
  • It has also been confirmed that the remaining 4 pathways out of the total 10 will also be featured in this expansion.
  • There are also lots of spoilers on which cards will be available some are: 
  1. Halvar, God of Battle
  2. Sword of the Realms
  3. Magda, Brazen Outlaw
  4. Realmwalker
  5. Kaya the Inexorable
  6. Sarulf, Realm Eater
  7. Showdown of the Skalds
  8. Pyre of Heroes
  9. Tidechannel Pathway
  10. Barkchannel Pathway
  11. Slitherbore Pathway

Kaldheim release date - kaldheim spoilers, MTG kaldheim leaks and much more! : MTG

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