Brimstone is getting a buff – A new update in Valorant, Brimstone is getting stronger OP now? : Valorant

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Your favorite agent Valorant’s Brimstone is all set to receive buffs in episode 2 confirms Riot. This is done because of low win-rates when compared with other Valorant controllers. His pick rate in the professional scene has also been very low in the last couple of months.

Brimstone is getting a buff!

In the North American Finals, brimstone had a zero percent pick rate whereas his fellow agent Omen had an amazing 100% pick rate. He made only four appearances in the European finals which is very low. These things speak volumes and everyone even the Valorant community agrees that he needs a buff. If a serious buff is given to him then only he will be able to remain in the competition. It is confirmed by Riots that he is going to get a buff in the upcoming update.

Brimstone is getting a buff - A new update in Valorant, Brimstone is getting stronger OP now?  : Valorant

This was confirmed as Riot Dev “Altombre” commented on a Reddit post asking for a brimstone stone, he stated that he agrees, brimstone buffs will be coming very soon. Brimstone smokes don’t regenerate that easily which is a major drawback with him. Fans and players are demanding giving brimstone more time during activation of his smokes and his range should also be increased. Players also demand that they should be allowed to chose spots just before the start. And want those spots to already be smoked.

The game is highly dominated by Omen right now because he has powerful kits that are beneficial in all situations. The other two controllers of the game are Brimstone and Viper. They are not talked about much as they are less effective. The main issue with brimstone is his smokes are less effective and takes a lot of time to activate.As the Valorant developer himself has confirmed the news so fans are eagerly waiting for the update. It will be interesting to note what buff does Brimstone gets.

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