What is a client job in GTA 5 – How do you progress in this mission? : GTA 5

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Hello GTA Fans! I hope you are enjoying GTA 5. Some players don’t know about Client Job in GTA 5. Here a useful article for you guys! Have a look at this.


GTA was developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games. The Genre of GTA is Action-adventure. The mode of this game is Single-player, Multiplayer. This was released on 17th September 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series.

What is a client job in GTA 5 - How do you progress in this mission? : GTA 5

What is a client job in GTA 5

Robbery in Progress, Data Sweep, Targeted Data. These are the Client job that briefly mentioned below.

  • Robbery in Progress

Paige has opened that in this mission, there is a bank robbery in which the player can interrupt and take the loot. Players can access the touchscreen computer in the center. While robbing from bank players should aware of the camera. Because there is a camera outside a bank. On the map, only three locations truly have the robbery. Players should notice these three locations and should travel to the exact location. Discard the remaining three armed bank robbers and carry the bag of gold. One player will guard outside with a minigun. The second player will be defending employees and hostages. And the final player definitely is safe. Later Paige will unveil the location of a buyer.

What is a client job in GTA 5 - How do you progress in this mission? : GTA 5

  • Data Sweep

In GTA 5, this mission, Players should Hi-Jack it for their respective clients. On the map, you will surely see the marked four vehicles. You should travel to those four vehicles one by one. Paige has given a hint to us that players can scan through their Hacking app on the phone. Players can easily identify the data drivers on the car with the help of the scanner. Once you know the vehicle, the Player should remove the NPC. And you will deliver to the buyer.

  • Targeted Data

In GTA 5,  this mission, Player should hack laptop to discover the target. Player should go to Lifeinvader office with the drone to hack two laptop. After hacking the laptop, Pagie will soon reveal the location of the target. There will be three body guards assigned with the target although they do not need to be dropped to complete the job. Other opposing players will be able to protect the target by blocking the player from killing him before their 15 minute time destination for the job expires.

We hope you all enjoying GTA 5.

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