Valorant New Agent – Agent 14 “yoru” Abilities Leak and much more. Potential leak shows off new abilities. : Valorant

Read all the way through to know about Valorant New Agent – Agent 14″yoru” Abilities Leak and much more. The free-to-play game has quickly seen professionals and streamers transfer from CSGO and make it popular. The game is geared up to release Episode 2 update.

Ahead of which we have found some leaks.  The update will have a brand new battlepass, along with new skins and a new agent. This new agent is all the talk right now. Currently, code-named Stealth. Agent 14, is almost here. The Valorant fandom has been eagerly waiting for his arrival. His ultimate is supposedly the craziest. You can become invisible and invulnerable for a small duration.

Valorant New Agent - Agent 14 "yoru" Abilities Leak and much more. Potential leak shows off new abilities. : Valorant

Here is the entire list of his abilities:

Ability 1

His first ability is a distraction technique. Players can press Z to create a sound of moving steps. If you press Fire the footsteps will move forward misdirecting anybody that may be trying to listen in. The ability can even trigger portals and other objects making the deception seem even more real. If you are looking to queue the command, you can press Alt+Fire to pre-place it on a spot. Then move it using F key when needed.

Ability 2

The second ability is Flash, which is very similar to Pheonix’s Flash ability. You can throw it by pressing X and then using Fire, and it will activate as soon as it hits the ground.

Ability 3

The third ability is maneuverability skill. You can press C to create portals in front of you. Pressing fire will launch the portals ahead. If needed, you can teleport through those portals. This will prove very strong against stronger opponents when you can jump around between places and create chaos by catching them off guard.

Ultimate Ability

The final ability of Agent 14 rips a new reality in the middle and makes him invulnerable and invisible for a duration. Although opponents can still hear him.

Valorant New Agent - Agent 14 "yoru" Abilities Leak and much more. Potential leak shows off new abilities. : Valorant


None of the abilities have been confirmed yet by Riot Games. However, in a recent blog State of the Agent said “this year will open with a Duelist for all you lurkers out there” indicating a strong correlation with all the leaked abilities.

As for the hero lore, not much is confirmed on Yoru, however by his model and name we are guessing he’ll be hailing from Japan most likely.

The new update goes live on 12th January 2021, keep checking Game Stanza for more on this.

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