Intel Alder Lake-S : Leaks and Updates features 16 cores of architecture : Technology

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Updates and news about Intel’s 12th- gen Alder lake-S desktop processor has been leaked on the internet, indicating that the company is progressing well with its silicon development. It is going to be the first Intel desktop processor to have a 10nm node ideal for gaming.

Intel Alder Lake-S- All about the leaks

Intel Alder Lake-S : Leaks and Updates features 16 cores of architecture : Technology

According to the leak, this intel alder Lake-S will benefit a lot of performance uplifts and the chip will also bring architectural changes as well. It is tested and contains 16-cores and 24 threads.  It is expected to be better than Intel’s current desktop processor and going to be superior to its rival AMD’s Rygen 5000 CPUs. Wccftech has reported Intel is going to configure the chipset with 8 golden Cove Cores with 16 threads along with eight Gracemont cores with eight threads.

The geek bench outcomes are that the sample will be having a “Genuine Intel Family 6 Model 151 stepping 0 and was clocked at 1.40 GHz”. This is considered to be very slow. It was revealed that the chip will have an additional maximum speed of 1.76 GHz may be due to an error given because an early silicon prototype was used along with the benchmark.

The processor initially scored just 996 points in a single-core test and 6,936 in a multi-core test. Thou these numbers shouldn’t be a concern and in no way indicative of the final processor’s performance. The processor is configured with 30MB of l3 cache and 12.5 Mb of l2 cache. The test finished on an Alder Lake-S ADP-S DDR4 CRB board,16 GB memory. It is not yet sure if DD4 or DD5 RAM was used. No exact date has been announced for the launch of Alder Lake S but is expected to be launched next year. More information related to the clock speed and performance is expected to be revealed soon.

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