Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5 – How To Get There : GTA 5

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Even if you are new to the gaming world, you must have heard the name ‘GTA’ at least once. The Grand Theft Auto games are so popular and a favorite among avid video gamers such as yourself. But the biggest question among the GTA players is, Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5 and how to find it. Read this article till the end to know everything about the Maze Bank in GTA 5. 

Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5 - How To Get There : GTA 5

The game doesn’t cut corners in providing you with realistic experience, thrilling missions, and overall a fun time gaming. With the GTA 5 launched in Sep’13, developers of the hit game ‘Rockstar Games’ knew that they had hit the mark with the audience. 

But the questions that ponder the players’ minds while playing this installment of GTA is how can reach the Maze Bank?

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All About Maze Bank in GTA 5

Maze Bank or Maze Tower Bank, located in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, is a tall building( a skyscraper, perhaps), one of the few base jumping locations in the GTA5. You can reach the top to hide from the LPSD and enjoy the views.

Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5 - How To Get There : GTA 5


 The player has to get to the top of Maze Bank building; to complete one of the side missions. The unavailability of any staircase or elevators does pose a problem. Then the yellow marker is absent, which was present in previous installments of GTA. We like a bit of challenge, don’t we? Especially when it’s the virtual gaming world. 

The Maze Bank is a prominent feature in GTA 5. The GTA Wiki cites it correctly as featuring in:-

Strangers and Freaks

  • Targeted Risk

Parachute Jumps

  • Bank Bailout

Now there are three main ways you can get to the top of the Maze Bank Tower: 

  • Helicopter
  • Plane 
  • Blimp

Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5 - How To Get There : GTA 5

And if there’s a way, a fourth way allowed according to the situations you are in the game, you can drive up there using a mega ramp. Yes, you read that right. Anything can happen in the GTA world.

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Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5?

As for flying a helicopter, it is the most accessible. Hence, the most used method to reach the roof of the Maze Bank building. You can buy one or steal(remember, it’s a game, after all). The nearest place you can get a chopper is the Central Los Santos Medical Center or the La Puerta district.

 You can use a cheat code (if on PC) and get the Buzzard Attack Chopper. 

Where is Maze Bank in GTA 5 - How To Get There : GTA 5

Reach the building, climb a ladder or two to get to the desired destination. Sometimes the helipad might not land at the top, so;

We suggest to park it a little further. When you get back from your mission, it’ll be there.

For the Blimp, you can easily access it. Order it on the app and pick it up in the Vinewood Racetrack. You can also try your luck at hijacking a blimp, though it might be tougher than hijacking a car in the GTA 5. 

Parachute - Gamestanza

Now comes playing a Plane option, which you can hijack in Los Santos International Airport. We advise you to get a smaller one. It’ll be easier to land. You can also jump off the plane with a parachute on your back, but first, you will need to buy a parachute.

Parachute - Gamestanza

Now, comes the final option is the Mega Ramp. It is only available in the PC version. Install a mod; voila, the mega ramp will connect appear. Simple as that. It’ll connect the ground to the roof of the Maze Bank Tower. Here’s a video reference giving you a clue on how to play in the GTA 5 to get to the Maze Bank:- 

After all the tips and hacks we provided you, we are sure you will complete your missions in the Maze Bank Tower with ease. Stay tuned to Game Stanza for more news on GTA and the Gaming World.

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