PUBG Mobile test server – PUBG mobile Beta version 1.2 is here! Look how to download the game : PUBG mobile

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Hello PUBG addicts! The pro player will definitely know everything about PUBG. If you guys don’t know about the server of PUBG Mobile and Beta version, have a look at this article about the PUBG Mobile test server.

PUBG Mobile

The Genre of the PUBG game is a Multiplayer battleground. PUBG was developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It was released on 20th December 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, IOS, Playstation 4, Stadia. This game has been nominated and won on many events. It has received awards in the category of the shooter of the year, the Video game of the year, Trending game of the year, Excellence Design, Still playing the game, Fan-favorite Battle Royale game.

PUBG Mobile test server

After PUBG banned in India, the server of PUBG is India will no longer be able to log into it and play the game, even though it might be already installed on their devices.

So PUBG mobile often rolls out its early patches and updates on the beta version of the game. Players can’t replace the PUBG mobile in version beta 1.2, Players have the curiosity to know about the update in the beta version 1.2. There is no registration process for enrolling in the PUBG Mobile beta testing as the application is openly accessible but one might need to generate an invitation code to access the game.

PUBG Mobile test server - PUBG mobile Beta version 1.2 is here! Look how to download the game : PUBG mobile

About the PUBG mobile Beta version

The difference between the main version and the Beta version is Players should sacrifice some things. In the game, you get to participate in a 100-person Battle Royale against other online players. You’re in a closed-in map where only one player can be left standing at the end. In order to play, you’ll need to move around each setting to gather the resources you need to win — including weapons, and much more. But that’s not all. The map gets smaller and smaller with each passing minute. Pro Player really can’t sacrifice this level of version and they may easily win this server.

The total duration for the match is around 30 minutes but in the original version, it may take 50 to 60 mins sometimes. In the original version, the server problem will not occur compared to the beta version. In the original version, you can easily communicate with your teammates. You can easily customize your graphic settings, driving and hiking on the foot. You can make your teammates on your own easily in the PUBG mobile original version.

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