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    Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal

    Dean Takahashi is a Tech journalist, a lead writer, for GamesBeat. He has been writing articles and reviews of games and technology for 28 years. Let’s talk about Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal.

    Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal - Shabby Gameplay Or Intentional?

    Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal Gameplay:

    The Gameplay of Dean Takahashi was highly criticized on social media. As Dean Takahashi is a reputed game journalist, and he has been covering this field for a long time. But, from a person like him, this amount of shabby gameplay wasn’t accepted.  If you have someone like Dean who has a 21-year gaming background, you have no reason for being that abysmal. Even after a couple of months, normal gamers too, develop a sense of muscle and conceptual memory, by knowing the bare minimum of every form they often use to play.

    Although, the public does not expect Dean Takahashi of being a professional gamer. But, him not remembering the path to escape to the next level, wasn’t expected either. He doesn’t seem to understand the game war. One opponent was able to push him to 5HP and he couldn’t even understand the instinctive platforming session. Dean also failed to figure out the Automap. He was confused between grey and green territory(which one of them was explored and which one of them was unexplored).


    Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal - Shabby Gameplay Or Intentional?

    Dean, earlier too, had been named in such controversy, which was the CupHead incident. He couldn’t figure out what the tutorial wanted him to do.

    But some people were ready to defend him. They believed that the bad Gameplay video was intentional. He wanted to pretend that he didn’t know the basics of the game, just for publicity. While some believed that not all reviewers know how to play games perfectly. Their job is to analyze the technical aspect of the game, and give out an honest opinion.

    What Does Dean Takahashi Have To Say About The Controversy

    His video was meant to show off how you solve a puzzle, and yet it gained this greater significance. This treatment is why so many people came to him and say that they are too ashamed to share their gameplay on the internet. Dean said that the unkind trolls, wanted him to be fired from this job, as they believed that he was a full-time game reviewer. What they failed to understand was that one doesn’t need to be a professional gamer, to review it. You just need to enjoy the game. Dean further stated that he actually enjoyed figuring out the problem in his own authentic way, but he also realized that those who figured it out before him were annoyed at how long it took him to reach their level of thinking.

    Dean Takahashi reuploaded the gameplay video. He also added a voiceover, through which he tried to explain what he was thinking about while playing the game. Dean also inserted a longer description in the re-uploaded video, which he believes will fully explain the motive behind the video.

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