Where is father christmas tracker – Norad Santa tracker map 2020 : Walkthrough Guide

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Want to find out your Christmas treat for 2020? Here is an article that might help you – “Where is father Christmas tracker – Norad Santa tracker map 2020”

All about Norad Santa Tracker

Christmas denotes the time of celebration. For a long time, it is believed that all the children who were good for the whole year, will receive presents from St. Nick. He is also known as Santa Claus and is pictured to be delivering gifts during his ride on the open sleigh, driven by a herd of Rudolph reindeers. Due to the pandemic crisis, the year 2020 might have passed out without any joyous occasions but, it’s Christmas, and Santa Claus is never off duty. Development in science and technology has enabled us to track his journey around the globe and there is no change in it even in 2020.


Norad is the abbreviation of North Americal Aerospace Defense Command and it is a military unit responsible for tracking aerospace events. Norad along with the Continental Air Defense Command (Conad) has been using satellites to track Santa’s trip for over 65 years. Hence, the name- Norad Santa Tracker.

It is a map that displays the area covered by Santa in 2D OR 3D view. You can update the details about Santa’s current location, his next spot, and the time taken to reach there. One can also come to know about the number of gifts that have already reached their destination. There are Santa Cams available which will be updating on a constant basis to provide you with the video footage.


This practice was born in America in the year 1955. It has been successful since the start due to the efficient volunteering by the massive team, working in the background. Children can email or call to Norad Santa tracker’s call center for getting information or current updates about Santa. The tracker stays live from 24th December 9 am till 25th December, midnight. The official websites of Norad tracker give you live updates from the start of Christmas eve.

Route and Journey

According to the tracker, Santa begins his journey from South Pacific and goes through New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Asia, Africa, and Western Europe. The journey ends in South America after being through Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Father Christmas needs to travel at a very high speed since he should cover 51,00,00,000 km over a night. As per estimations, he pays a visit to 3,90,000 homes per minute, which implies that his travel speed is nearly 1800 miles per second.


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