Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament – Holiday Feast Warzone: Call of Duty

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The Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament has completed its $100k Holiday feast Warzone event on December 22 at 1 PM ET. The trio of Aydan, HusKerrs, and Zlaner were the champions by beating all the other squads. Aydan and his team had a record 109 kills in the final match beating BobbyPoff and Team Kayzahr, who was earlier leading the tournament.

Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament - Gamestanza

About Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament

In this tournament, trios of players contested in public lobbies, and it had a “kill race” format. It featured a lot of big-name CDL pro players. A total of 32 teams participated in the tournament, and only 12 were able to pass the first round, which was dependent on their overall score and their position after the first four hours of the tournament.

Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament - Gamestanza

Aydan’s squad dropped around three 100+ elimination matches in just a duration of 2.5 hours. The Aydan’s grabbed the lead heading the final hour, but soon Kayzahr and company were able to take the lead heading the final match, with eventually Aydan’s squad grabbing the victory in the second round. It consisted of two rounds. 1st round was of 4 hours, while the second round was of 2.5 hours.

After the first round, each team’s top 5 matches were calculated and added, which was the base to decide their standings after the first round. Similarly, the top 3 matches were considered for the second round.

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Top 5 Prize Split

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Gamestanza

  1. 1st place– USD 35,000
  2. 2nd place– USD 22,500
  3. 3rd place– USD 12,500
  4. 4th place– USD 7,500
  5. 5TH place USD 6,000D

Final Placement After Round 1 (Top 5)

  1. TEAM KAYZAHIR– 582 Points
  2. TEAM ADYAN– 525 Points
  3. TEAM RATED– 521 Points
  4. TEAM JUNKEYZ– 488 Points
  5. TEAM GAGOO– 484 Points

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Breakdown of the Points

  2. TOP 2– 20 POINTS
  3. TOP 3– 15 POINTS
  4. TOP4– 10 POINTS
  5. TOP 5– 7 POINTS
  6. TOP 10– 4 POINTS
  7. TOP 15– 2 POINTS
  8. TOP 20– 1 POINT

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Live Streaming Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament

The event was streamed live on Call of duty’s twitch channel and Call of duty’s official channel. Players also streamed their perspectives through their respective channels, and the best part was it was easily available on the Warzone Twitch Dictionary.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament. To know more about these tournaments and get updates about the events, visit their official website.

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