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Tencent Finally acquired Warframe. Tencent Chinese multinational technology was founded in 1998, and the world’s largest game vendor recently bought Leyou Technologies parent company of warframe, splash damage for $1.3 billion. Warframe is a multiplayer online game developed by digital extremes. After the agreement, and ownership was transferred from Leyou technologies to Tencent. Digital extremes studios will be under Tencent.

Tencent Finally acquired Warframe

Tencent acquires warframe - Gamestanza

After many rumors came in June that ‘Sony’ was willing to buy Leyou technologies. In June, Leyou technologies made an announcement that Tencent we’re going to an agreement with Leyou technologies. In 2014, Leyou technologies Hong Kong-based company bought the majority of shares in digital extremes(developer of warframe). Now Tencent bought the majority of shares in leyou technologies. After ownership is transferred to Tencent Digital extremes will be under Tencent. According to the information meeting held on 11th December 2020, the majority(97%) of stakeholders supported Tencent to takeover Leyou technologies, and the deal was finalized. Share & Ownership transfer to Tencent will be done from December 23rd,2020.
When Tencent got ownership from Leyou technologies after 23rd December 2020, Leyou technologies will be out of the stock market in hong kong. And warframe parent company will be under Tencent.

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On December 23rd, 2020

Digital extremes studio announced there would be no change in the war frame game. Change in ownership will not make any changes. Digital extreme studios will be creatively independent and will not make any changes to warfare game and operations of studios and will remain as dedicated to everyone, maintaining control of the warframe and its directions under digital extreme studios.

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