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There are hell lot of games coming up, just like Among us, one more game is getting viral. The Cookie Clicker. Yes, even such games are getting viral. And people are trying to play the game! Let’s talk about the game and many of you guys have been asking about Cookie Clicker Game link . Well, This article will tell you everything about cookie clicker.

About cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker - Gamestanza

Cookie clicker, an incremental game Developed by a French programmer called Julien”Ortell” Thiennot. This game was created and released within one day, in August 2013. The Cookie clicked is one of the most important games of its incremental games genre and has a fully dedicated fanbase. This game is a browser game that gets regular updates and is also tagged as an addictive game. This game is available for all web browsers and android as well. Although this game has no end, this game has hundreds of achievements, and a player can only aim for its new milestone every session.

How to play Cookie clicker(Gameplay)

cookie clicker - Gamestanza

To play this game, you only need a mouse. You will find a big cookie on the left side of your screen. Clicking on the cookie will give you one cookie per click. With this cookie, a player can purchase assets like(different cursors, grandmas, farms, mines) and factories that automatically cook cookies. Prices of the item increase from time to time, costing 15 per-cent more than the last purchase(same type of item) made by you. There are golden cookies, and small cookies appear in the random part of your screen, which will eventually fade after a few seconds. These golden and small cookies grant special effects such as temporary bonus production and bonus cookies.

The players can “ascend” or lose their progress after earning a certain amount of cookies, but they can earn Prestige and heavenly chips, which will permanently boost the rate of cookie production in future play sessions. Prestige upgrades like the cookie dragon, Wrinklers, mini-games, and sugar lamps(is Unlockable with Heavenly Chips). You can use this to increase the Cookie production rate.

Where to play this game?

You can play this game on the given website link.

Cookie Clicker. tap here.


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