Destiny knot pokemon shield and sword. Where to get it ? Full Guide.

Everything you need to know about where to get destiny knot in pokemon sword and shield. 

Pokemon sword and shield were released on 15 November 2019. Despite all the boycott prior to its launch, the game had a massive success due to the fandom of Pokemon. It is far-most the best installment in the Pokemon game series. In this article, you will know everything about Destiny Knot and how to get it.

destiny knot pokemon shield
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What is Destiny Knot?

Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield is an item that can be used for battles as well as breeding.

When a Destiny Knot is held by a Pokemon in battle, the opposing fighter becomes vulnerable if the holder is hit with a Charm status effect. Inbreeding, the Destiny Knot item results in a freshly born Pokemon inheriting five-out-of-six IVs from both of its parents.

It can be crafted, and can also be obtained as a tier 3 special drop. It is a possible drop from uncommon and rare boss Pokemon.

It’s much easier if the parents have good IVs than waiting around to get perfect by RNG(Pseudorandom number generation), so check your boxes and see what you have. Don’t forget about egg types. Also, don’t forget about your abilities. Hidden abilities don’t pass down unless that parent is holding an everstone.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Destiny knot
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How do you obtain the Destiny Knot?

All the Pokemon Masters who know the game will be able to earn BP (Battle Points) by competing in the Battle Tower.

Once you have 10 BP (Battle Points), you must head to Hammerlocke and enter the Pokemon Center.

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A lady will be there next to the Poke Mart section who sells items for BP points. This is where you will find the Destiny Knot.

First, you need to beat the game as you will need to buy it through BP, which is rewarded in the Battle Tower. Then, after getting 10 BP, you must to head to Hammerlocke.

One Destiny Knot costs 10 BP each time. You can own multiple destiny know at a time.

You can also buy important items like the Protector, Reaper Cloth, and more from this market.

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